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How it Works

The most common faults occurring in different Motorola Phones are mentioned below:

  • LCD and Digitizer faults
  • Ribbon faults
  • Camera Lens replacement
  • Touch screen problems
  • Speaker / Volume faults
  • Microphone fault issues
  • Wi-Fi Signal issues
  • Phone Keypad repair
  • Liquid damage repairs
  • Software faults
  • No Powering up faults
  • Power Charging Issues
  • Hardware replacements
  • Unlocking fault
  • Security codes reset

The Motorola Phones need timely repair services, for any type of fault or damages, to save money and prevent any inconvenience.

Motorola Repairing is providing all types of repair and replacement services at very cost effective prices, all over the UK through a our trustworthy and reasonable shipping service.

We have the best team of technicians who have a decade of experience in the mobile phone repairing industry. They have repaired different simple as well as intricate component level faults and damages very efficiently, giving the best satisfactory result to the customers.

We try to finish all types of fixing procedures in 1-4 days, depending upon the level of the fault or damage in the Motorola Phone.

We can incorporate any type of part for replacing any damaged component as per the customers wish, from Grade A, high quality to medium quality spare parts. This can depend upon the budget of the customers.

You can contact us through our Website by:

  1. Submitting a fully filled Free Motorola Repair Quote Form.
  2. Submitting a filled Contact Us Form
  3. Calling us at – 01617893355

You can get the faulty Motorola Phone repair service from us by 2 ways:

  • Walk-in-Customer Repair Service

You can get your non-working Motorola Phone repaired at our repair centre. This is the best and quickest way to get the repair and replacement for any type of issue resolved then and there. For a majority of repair works, same day return policy is followed. Only major fault or damaged Motorola devices are repaired in 3-4 days time.


  • Postal Repair Order Service

 If our Motorola repair centre is not located near to your place, then you can post your non-working device to our main repair centre through, your Postal service or you can request us to have ours. We will arrange our reliable and reasonable courier service which is safe and secure. Also, it will pick-up and deliver the device to your place at your suitable time.

To avail this service, please follow the mentioned steps:


STEP 1:- Contact Us

You can contact us by submitting the Contact Us Form or Motorola Free Repair Quote Form. Give all the details of the fault or the repairs required, so that we can prepare the exact quote for the device. We will email it to you and the bill will also incorporate the postage charges if you desired for.


STEP 2:- Pay the Repair Cost

You have to pay the repair cost as stated in the email. It can be done by any online options which you are convenient with, like – Debit card, Credit Card, Pay Pal, Visa, MasterCard or American Express.


STEP 3:- Shipping the Motorola Device to Us

We provide repair service all over the UK through our trusted courier service. If you chose our Postal repair order service, then our courier service pick-up boy will collect the Motorola device for you.

You can also, post the device to our workshop through your choice of courier service.


STEP 4:- Repair Process

We immediately start repairing the non-working or damaged Motorola Phone as soon as it reaches our Motorola repair centre. The details of your device reaching us are intimidated to you.

We first diagnose the device and prepare the details of repair issues and the required cost it will incur. We update you on this process and after getting your consent on this regard, we proceed further to fix the Motorola phone completely.

We keep you informed of all the repair and replacement procedures that are undertaken on your device.

After repair, diagnosis of the Motorola device is done to check the performance of it and then it is made ready to be dispatched to you. You will get an update on dispatch. Delivery date and time are also informed and it can be changed as per your convenience.


STEP 5:-  Delivery of Motorola Device

After getting consent on the delivery date and time, we ship your fixed and working Motorola device to you.


We always try to give our best efforts to meet all your expectations and bring those Happy Smiles 🙂  on our Customer’s face 🙂